Regression Therapy 
1 Hour Initial Session $150 each additional hour $75

Regression therapy is a way of accessing memories and experiences from your current and/or a previous life. Accessing these memories can often be helpful with understanding and resolving current relationships, beginning to untangle emotional problems including phobias and compulsions, and even healing physical complaints.

It has been well documented that dis-ease; stress, fear, anxiety, are among the primary causes of much of the physical and mental disease that we experience. These conditions include strokes, heart attacks, unexplainable body pain, sleep disorders and depression. Often, the root cause of this dis-ease is something that is taking place in the person’s life at that moment in time, or in the recent past. But other times there is no apparent reason. In these instances the cause is often rooted in repressed memories from the person’s current life or one or more past lives.

To begin the process we’ll first take some time to discuss you and what has drawn you to trying regression therapy. We’ll talk about things like events that have taken place in your life, patterns that you have noticed in your life, your beliefs and philosophy of life and any past life experiences that you might have had. In addition, we’ll go over your medical history and any physical and/or emotional symptoms that you are experiencing. This will help us to identify the issue that needs to be addressed and if regression therapy is indeed the appropriate treatment. During the course of the interview process we may uncover an underlying issue that you weren’t even aware of. Just the simple act of talking through it may well bring you the release and relief that you need.

If we determine that doing a regression will be beneficial for you, I will guide you through a series of exercises to take you to a state of very deep relaxation. In this relaxed state your Alpha brain wave activity increases allowing your subconscious to access memories that your conscious blocks out. Once this state of consciousness is reached, I will instruct you to go to the place in time that corresponds with the issue you are trying to address. Once there, you will be able to relive the event while in a safe environment. Since this is part of your life, you will be in complete control, my roll will be to help you move along and explore the feelings that are triggered by the events. After you return to the present place in time, we will take some time to discuss your experience and how it affects your current situation.


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