A New Vibration, LLC​

Change Your Vibration ... Change Your Life

What is My Vibration?

Everything in the world has an energy that runs through it known as the Universal Life Energy.  It is the energy that runs through our bodies carrying signals and messages to and from the brain, keeping us functioning without us even thinking about it.  It's the energy that flows between people and causes the hairs to stand up on the back of your neck when some people walk into a room or a feeling of warmth and peace to wash over you when others enter a room.  But it's not just in people, it's in everything around us and vibrates at a unique frequency within every object.  By changing your vibration through the use of Reiki, meditation and various other methods you can become more in tune and at peace with yourself, the people around you and the Universe.

Our Mission


To make the world a better place to live by helping one person at a time make their own lives better. Using methods including Reiki, guided meditation, and psychic readings, we will provide people with the energy, focus and confirmations that they need to reach their optimum vibration. When we function at our optimum vibration, we are generally happier, healthier and more in tune with ourselves, others around us and the Universe in general.