Usui Reiki Level II

Purpose: Reiki II seeks to further empower the nurse healer with sacred symbols, emotional-mental balancing and distant healing techniques for self & others.

Usui Reiki II Objectives:

-Apply the Usui Reiki sacred symbols

-Describe the emotional level of the human energy field

-Define false beliefs in the mental layer of the human energy field

-Demonstrate Usui Reiki II techniques for emotional-mental balancing

-Receive the energy transfer for Usui Reiki II

-Apply Reiki hand positions to self with added empowerment of the Usui Reiki II


-Experience healing exchange with partner utilizing all positions and techniques taught

  for Usui Reiki Level II

-Discuss healing exchange experience with partner and sharing within the group

-Differentiate the appropriate use of Reiki in a personal healing practice, home,

  healthcare setting, operating room or workplace.

-Practice distant healing together.

-Relate experience of distant healing

-Evaluate Usui Reiki II class presentation


Usui Reiki Level I

Purpose: To empower the practitioner with effective energy tools for healing self and others.

Usui Reiki I Objectives:

-Discuss the history of Dr. Usui and creation of Usui Reiki

-Define Usui Reiki

-Discuss the Principles of the Reiki Daily Prayer

-Apply the Kanji hand positions to activate Usui Reiki Level I for self & others.

-Demonstrate the “hands-on” positions in Usui Reiki I

-Correlate Reiki hand positions to the endocrine & chakra system

-Discuss attunement process related to intention, free will and initiation to Reiki Level I

-Apply energy transfer from the Usui Reiki Master Teacher for their attunement to Usui

  Reiki Level I -Apply self-healing hand positions following Reiki attunement

-Illustrate Reiki hand positions using chair, standing, with children, elderly or bedridden

  patients and incorporating in general hospital setting

-Practice giving and receiving a Reiki I session with partner

-Discuss the Reiki healing session with partner and open discussion with questions for the


-Evaluate Usui Reiki I class

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